What It Looks Like

What a Mediation Looks Like

You may wonder what will happen during your mediation, or what it may look like.  In transformative mediation, the mediator’s role is not to solve your problems, but rather, to help you have a productive conversation.

When parties are in conflict, they often lose the ability to communicate effectively with one another.  Mediators facilitate an opportunity for parties to gain clarity about their own position and hear the other party’s concerns more clearly.   

Because transformative mediation prioritizes self-determination, our focus is on helping people in conflict to improve the quality of their communication.  If parties reach an agreement or make other decisions about their conflict, it is because they choose to do so.


The following video is a portrayal of what this conversation may look like.  This is the beginning of the video “What the Parents know,  A Transformative Mediation.”  The video was produced by The Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation in 2011 and offers a view of a transformative mediation session.