Our Staff

Executive Director
Susan Jordan

IMG_8007Susan Jordan has been a mediator at the Central Susquehanna Valley Mediation Center, Inc. since 2012 and started in her role as Executive Director in 2014. She is a certified mediator and trainer through the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation (ISCT). She also serves on the ISCT Board of Directors. She believes strongly in the important work of CSVMC and is working to expand the reach of the center and grow our services to meet the needs of valley residents.

“At CSVMC, we sit down with people and help them have difficult, sometimes painful conversations. I have sat with people who feel so stuck in conflict that it is impacting their entire lives. Often mediation can help these individuals listen to each other and themselves better and make decisions together. Mediation makes so much sense to me because it supports people, who are the real experts in their own lives, in solving their own problems.”

“Conflict is a difficult part of most people’s lives. I see it as an opportunity. Whether it’s in a personal relationship or in a workplace, conflict provides us with opportunities to grow as communicators, as people and as organizations. It provides opportunities to learn what’s not working and what is, to improve our relationships and increase our effectiveness as individuals and organizations. “

Susan has a bachelor’s degree in Educational Psychology and a graduate certificate in Applied Linguistics. She is a member of the Leadership Susquehanna Valley Class of 2015 and is committed to building strong communities in Central Pennsylvania. She chairs the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way Diversity Impact Council and has volunteered for many years with a local hot meal program, the cub scouts, the Lewisburg Area Music Association, Beaver Memorial United Methodist Church and the Public Library for Union County. She sings in the Susquehanna Valley Chorale and loves to spend time outdoors exploring the wildlands of Pennsylvania with her husband, three children and dog, Macduff.


Case Coordinator
Alexa (Lex) Wolfberg

Alexa Wolfberg is our newest Case Manager and she joined AmeriCorps and the CSVMC in 2018. She heard about the program through a friend and Board member and thought it would be a great opportunity for personal growth and a productive way to channel her empathy. Her love for connecting with others and making their lives better also led to her Reiki Mastership back in 2015. When asked about her thoughts on the mediation process she said “Everyone wants to be understood and have a chance to tell a bit of their story, but some feel they have no way to express themselves or it’s just never the right time. That’s why I feel like it’s our job to create a safe space for them to facilitate that healing.”

Besides her love of Reiki, Alexa is fond of creating Art in various forms, singing, and studying Metaphysics.