About Mediation

Why mediation?

People in conflict often feel weak and self-absorbed. This fuels the dispute and reduces the likelihood that they can effectively communicate with one another.

Transformative mediation empowers people to develop effective communication skills that help them solve problems and resolve future conflicts, as well.

Participants are heard on their own terms, having conversations in their own way and airing what matters to them. Mediators facilitate, but do not direct, conversation. Participants control the process and conversation, and if they reach a voluntary resolution of their conflict, they decide the terms and conditions.

Our trained, volunteer mediators help people in conflict express themselves more clearly and listen more effectively. These skills create the opportunity for amicable resolution of disagreements ranging from child custody to elder care to neighborhood disputes. In using the services of the Central Susquehanna Valley Mediation Center, residents of Northumberland, Snyder and Union Counties are able to avoid costly litigation, which many are unable to afford. The center’s efforts reduce the caseloads and expense burden for area courts, while providing mediators with a meaningful, rewarding volunteer opportunity.